SIMON Test Prep:
A Targeted, Individualized
ACT Tutoring Approach

Our ACT experts have developed an exclusive, revolutionary process that allows us to understand each student's unique needs and target our test prep toward the specific ACT skills necessary to achieve results.

Our program includes a customizable curriculum, data-driven assessment practices, expert instructors and authentic practice opportunities that go far beyond any other test prep program, all in a nurturing, supportive setting.

The SIMON Test Prep Difference

  • A flexible, individualized tutoring program that is built around each student's needs, never a "one size fits all" approach
  • A data-driven process that continually assesses a student’s progress on specific ACT skills and then tailors the tutoring curriculum to address that student’s areas of deficiency
  • Proctored, timed, full-length ACT practice tests offered on weekends and administered by our staff
  • A nurturing, supportive setting that builds confidence and reduces test anxiety
  • Caring, highly trained ACT tutors who are dedicated to each student's success
  • Regular communication with parents regarding tutoring progress
  • Professional, responsive customer service that values every family and student

The SIMON Test Prep Promise

At SIMON Test Prep there is no “one-size-fits all” solution.

We take a personalized approach when developing each student’s tutoring program, treating every student as a unique individual and develop a tutoring plan to fit each student’s needs.

This includes tailoring our time frame, teaching materials, homework, practice tests, and number of tutoring sessions to what makes the most sense for that student and family.

The SIMON Test Prep team will do everything possible to teach, support, and motivate your student during this important process.

We look forward to working with your family and creating a positive and successful ACT Test Prep experience for your student.